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How can Made for you help improve my company’s visibility and communication on the Internet?

With more than 5 billion web pages, the Internet can be a huge labyrinth in which your site can easily get lost. In order to increase the visibility of your activity and to convince more easily your targets, a creative design of quality is essential. It is in this field that our graphic and digital designers bring you all the expertise of Made for you, our design agency based in Paris, for the optimal development of your branding and your classical website or eco-friendly website.
In an age of information overload, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify your communication and help you emerge in highly competitive sectors. Whether it is the creation of a visual identity or the conception of communication supports such as a quality website, packaging, business cards, a presentation brochure or a motion design video, Made for you is the graphic and digital design agency in Paris that will meet your expectations.

How to understand your communication objectives and define your marketing strategy?

Before proceeding with the creation or the redesign of your website, whether it is a showcase site or an e-commerce site, we must understand and define with you the objectives of the site in relation to your marketing strategy, your communication strategy and your brand identity: what makes you unique and what we must transmit through your site. To do this, we define with you an effective strategy after having conducted an audit of your communication or your communication project, an analysis of market trends, expectations of your targets and competition.
This collaborative process allows us to choose the most appropriate communication tools to reach and convince your targets, to structure and write the key messages that will enhance your business through your logo, colors, photos, illustrations, texts...
A quality customer experience improves your brand image. Our experienced graphic designers and developers, communication and digital professionals for many years, provide the quality and creativity necessary to achieve this goal.

How to design and code your website?

A project manager is dedicated to the creation or redesign of your website. He is the interface between you and the experts in each field (web editor, web designer, web developer, photographer...) and coordinates their work to ensure responsiveness and quality, up to your ambitions. During the design or improvement phase of your website, the designers of our visual communication agency in Paris create for your company a unique and attractive digital visual identity in every detail. We offer you a complete graphic service including the creation of your logo, pictograms or other illustrations, iconographic research, overall treatment for photos, or the personalized graphic style of navigation buttons. The look and feel of your site must be consistent with your company’s brand image, while distinguishing it from your competitors’.
Our development team produces custom coding according to the latest standards so that your content is SEO optimized for top search engine rankings, and your website is unique and stands out from all others.
Finally, we test the many elements of your website’s user experience to ensure that it functions properly and is bug-free before it goes live.

How to optimize the user experience of your website?

We are aware that uses evolve: your website must also adapt to better meet the new habits and requirements of Internet users. That’s why we apply the best practices in UX Design to the ergonomics and web design of the websites we create. When possible, we even submit our proposals to users to improve them and make sure that the customer path is fluid and that he quickly finds the answers to his questions, for a high-performance site that converts.
We also use "responsive design" technology, a design format in which your website is developed to adapt to different display sizes, so that the browsing experience is equally good on a computer, smartphone or tablet.
By making the same website accessible on all devices, you also reduce your costs and make it easier to manage. In addition, this technology will give you a better SEO ranking. According to Google, responsive sites perform much better in SEO than regular sites, and thus rank higher in search engine results. This is because they offer a much better user experience.
By calling on Made for you, you ensure that your website clearly promotes your business while distinguishing you from your competitors, and that it performs well thanks to a perfect balance between speech, web design, ergonomics and SEO optimization.
But an efficient website is not everything in a digital strategy: you also need to get in touch with your targets by working on your visibility on social networks. For this we work carefully on the visuals and texts of your publications, as well as the duration of advertising campaigns to convert the largest number of customers. Contact us today to get more information about the expertise of our brand strategy and design consulting agency in Paris, and feel free to take a look at our portfolio to better understand how we work.

What is a unique and customized website for Made for you?

Today, any company that is involved in a performance and development process must have a website, whatever its form, its objective or its style! Creating a website is above all making your company available at all times and accessible from anywhere in the world, but it is also a way to gain visibility and attract more new customers or create a community around a brand.
However, it is not enough to create a simple web page to hope to convince and improve the notoriety of a company. Indeed, to hope to exist on the web, a web platform must respond to the browsing habits and expectations of Internet users but also to seduce the algorithms of search engines to benefit from a positioning making you visible to your audience.
The creation of a performing website requires expert skills and a real know-how which calls upon technical knowledge but also a great capacity of innovation and creativity.

Why entrust the creation of your website to a digital communication agency?

At Made for you, before we even begin the process of creating your website, we make sure to define your brand strategy in order to design or improve your visual and graphic identity. To imagine your website, we first identify your needs, the specificities of your brand, your products or services, your target audience with its characteristics and expectations as well as the market in which your field of activity is located.
All this analysis carried out upstream of the creation of your website allows us to imagine and design web pages that are intuitive, pleasant to explore and that provide concrete answers to your users in order to record conversions of visits into purchases. To do this, we rethink the entire experience of the users who choose to visit your web pages, bringing all the creativity and innovation that characterize your agency Made for you!

What is an efficient website?

In order for a website to fulfill its performance objectives for your company and its development, it must be unique in the eyes of Internet users and search engines. In order to reach these objectives of visibility and credibility, we take into consideration many criteria at the level of the structure and the design of your web pages, the quality of the contents, the visuals and the animation, the fluidity and the speed of navigation, so many factors which will condition the effectiveness and the relevance of your Internet site in its totality.
The designers, writers and developers of your Made for you agency use their skills and imagination to create the professional website that reflects your brand image and values. And because your digital success depends in large part on the ability of your web platform to rank in the top results of search engine queries, we take into account the various natural referencing levers upstream, during the creation and in the follow-up of your website.
A website created by Made for you, is the guarantee of a platform with your image which represents a real business card of your company, which allows to spread your know-how and the quality of your products or services, which accompanies you in your development strategy and which makes you gain in audience and in new customers.
You have an innovative website that distinguishes you from your competitors and that shows your prospects your ability to register in the modernity and efficiency.

The creation of a website according to Made for you, how does it work?

When we take charge of the creation of your website, it is above all with a collaborative approach that we commit ourselves to our customers by being first and foremost a real force of proposal in the choices that we make you validate. The tree structure of your web pages, the type of content, the choice of visuals, the creativity of the animations, these are all the physical characteristics of your website that we present to you and that we readjust so that they fit in with the editorial line of your brand and your identity.
The second step is to develop a website that is visible and accessible by all and on all types of digital media. Our mastery of responsive design, this adaptability of your platform to mobile navigation allows us to provide an expert response to the expectations of Internet users as well as to the prerogatives of search engine robots that nowadays privilege the quality of the experience reserved for users.
Finally, after having validated all the steps and requirements of your specifications, Made for you technicians take care of the integration of your website on the web by activating all the SEO levers to optimize your positioning and thus your visibility on the web.

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