Structuring your brand strategy
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For clear and consistent communication to achieve your business objectives

Before working on or reworking your visual identity or your communication media (websites, brochures, videos, social media, etc.), it’s important to identify the needs, motivations and frustrations of the clients you’re trying to win over and the messages which will reach them.
It’s also vital to understand the opportunities and trends within your market and your competitors (both direct and indirect): not only will this information help you to stand out, it can also serve as inspiration!

Once this exploratory stage of market analysis has been completed, it’s time to structure your messaging and the key ideas to be communicated.

Although commonly used by large companies, a branding strategy is a vital communication management tool, whatever your size. It will help you to define your added value and your identity and makes it possible to structure and prioritise all the key messages to be included in your communications. It brings together your current and new team members to focus on a common vision, shared values and a strong corporate culture and provides clear guidance for your external communications.

A brand platform is also one of the fundamental elements of a “brand book”, which brings together a brand’s strategy, graphic design and messaging, including an editorial style guide

Brand strategy, a major communication element. Structure your strategy with Made for You.
Do you want to build loyalty among your audience? Create a unique identity and make yourself known to your target audience? A well-established brand strategy will propel you to the top and ensure the sustainability of your business. How to structure a brand strategy and where to start? Made for you will help you in this great adventure!

Define your brand strategy in 3 steps:

Analysis of market trends, your targets and your competitors


Creation of the brand platform

Creation of the brand platform

Guidance graphic and editorial to communicate these elements

Guidance graphic and editorial to communicate these elements
A brand platform helps to clarify and enhance:

Your target audience


Vos points de distinction


The mission to accomplish


Your personnality and how you express it


Your outlook on your profession


Your position on the market


Your ambitions in the long run


How legitimate you are according to your position

The brand strategy allow you to:

Embody and express this identity clearly

Embody and express this identity clearly

Make the right decisions so the brand can flourish

Make the right decisions so the brand can flourish

Create a link with the public and become an established brand in its mind

Create a link with the public and become an established brand in its mind

Facilitate cohesion in the company and faciliate the appropriation of the brand

Facilitate cohesion in the company and faciliate the appropriation of the brand

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What are the challenges of a successful branding strategy?

Brand strategy encompasses all the actions necessary to create and promote a brand (whether it is a person, a company, a product, a service or an association), so that it can convince its audience. A well-structured strategy is a guarantee of success.
To be successful, a brand first needs visibility and consistency in what it says, whatever the communication medium used: this is the whole point of establishing a good strategy. Secondly, it is important to keep the brand alive, so that it remains visible and reaches the maximum audience. Finally, the prosperity of a brand is based on its quality, which must be communicated to your target. All of these conditions can be met with a well thought-out brand strategy.

How can Made for you help you structure your brand strategy?

To get started and perfect your brand identity, and thus achieve better results, we offer you personalized support. Made for you has a well-defined and organized methodology to help you reach your goal.
Several elements will be necessary to perfect your strategy, including the study of your target, your market via the analysis of your competitors and the opportunities that present themselves to you. After shaping your identity through the brand platform, we make sure that your visual identity lives on through social networks and other existing communication media. Once your brand image is coherent and your brand is visible, Made for you accompanies you in the creation of a powerful brand speech adapted to your target, to convince them that you can meet their needs.
As you can see, a successful brand strategy is the pillar of a clear and efficient communication. You too can create a brand with strong values and messages for your audience thanks to Made for you, the partner of your marketing success!

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