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Creating an effective professional website requires careful preparation on your behalf and on ours. It’s difficult to create a website which is easy to use, graphically unique and meets clients’ needs. Our process is tailored to the needs of the different types of sites we develop (showcase, e-commerce, etc.).

After defining your brand strategy and creating or improving your visual identity, we begin by discussing your needs, before offering you bespoke solutions which combine the most appropriate tools and features with unique graphics and a user-friendly design.

Your site must offer a seamless and intuitive browsing experience; it must also be user-friendly so that visitors to your site can quickly find the information they’re looking for and become clients.

As a result, in addition to UX Design, we concentrate on what is known as UI Design, which focuses on all visual aspects (visual structure, choice of colours, typography, illustrations, icons, photos, etc.), to improve the user experience and the customer journey.
We specialise in creating original and bespoke websites, both structurally and in terms of design and animation: we aim to make them interactive to enhance the browsing experience and create an impact. 
With our expertise in SEO (search engine optimisation), we ensure that your site is easily found on search engines, because even the best website is useless if it’s not visible!

We also strive to explain what we’re doing so that you understand the meaning of every term (we use a lot of jargon in our business!). 

Create a professional website adapted to your image and your needs

Whatever the field of your activity, the creation of a website becomes a vital necessity. Reflecting your identity, it allows you to be known by your target audience. However, creating a website that is both efficient and in your image is not so easy and therefore requires several essential steps. In order to guarantee your satisfaction and to reach your objectives, do not hesitate to call Made for you. We will offer you turnkey solutions to maximize your digital success by better positioning your site on the web.

The steps to create a website at your image

Brief on the site’s structure, tree structure and content (texts and visuals)

Brief on the site’s structure, tree structure and content (texts and visuals)

Web prototypes to adapt the site for mobile browsing (responsive design)

Web prototypes to adapt the site for mobile browsing (responsive design)

Integration and development of the site, including SEO

Integration and development of the site, including SEO
A website allow to value:

Your story and your team


Your different services


Your vision of your business


Your work and your clients testimonials

Work|clients testimonials

Your experience


Your method and your approach

A website allow you to:

Creating a digital business card

Creating a digital business card

Presenting and publicising your products and services

Presenting and publicising your products and services

Convincing and acquiring new clients

Convincing and acquiring new clients

Ensuring your company stands out from the competition

Ensuring your company stands out from the competition

Our creations de Website custom-made

ATAB Sheet metal factory

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Alterna Funeral services

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How to create a clear, efficient and adequate website?

As an essential communication tool for the development of your company, a website helps you gain visibility. It is an effective way to communicate with your customers, to work on your image and to get requests and leads. But then, how do you create an efficient website in your image? At Made for you, designing an effective website is based on a meticulous strategic and creative work process.
Our experts are attentive to the specific needs of each of you. Thus, we spend time with you beforehand to understand your communication objectives, constraints and issues specific to your business, in order to define a set of specifications. Then we realize a brief of contents including our recommendations of structure and arborescence of the site, as well as the drafting of the texts. Then we work on the UI Design which essentially concerns the visual aspect of the site, such as the photos, the pictograms and the colors. We also work on the UX Design in order to optimize the customer experience.
The creation of an efficient website can be summarized in three steps. First of all, the specifications and the brief of structure and contents. Then, we elaborate the webdesign mock-ups based on your visual identity, while adapting it to the responsive design. Finally, we finish with the integration and web development.

What are the advantages of creating a high-performance website with Made for you?

At a time when many tools facilitating the creation of a website are being developed, you may wonder why it is essential to create a high-performance website in your image with a professional agency like Made for you. There are many answers to this question. First of all, it is never easy to tell your story and to promote your assets yourself. It requires a lot of distance and skills in web writing.
The graphic side is even less accessible and, for your site to have a professional and unique image, you must not be satisfied with texts and a few photos. Our experts write texts with a singular tone, enhancing your story and your assets, create a singular web design that will emotionally touch your customers and make you stand out from your competitors, and create a performing website following the latest best practices in coding and natural referencing so that your customers can quickly find the information they are looking for.
Our services are also customized according to the type of business you have and your specific needs. Contact the specialists at Made for you without delay to create a website that reflects your image. We offer you a complete accompaniment in terms of website creation, to develop your digital success.

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