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Based in Paris and owned by the AccorHotels group, Pullman Hotels and Resorts is a luxury hotel brand and a long-standing client of the agency. 

Named after Pullman wagons, the Pullman Hotels brand was launched in the late 1980s, gradually disappearing in the 1990s after it was acquired by the Accor group, before its relaunch in 2007 with a new focus on business travel. Pullman has 117 hotels in 33 countries.

Made for you was tasked with creating a template to standardise the menus of pullman hotels.

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A template for consistent communications

Made For You created a template to provide Pullman Hotels with standardised menus while still giving them the option to edit their texts and photos

The template includes a background illustration (see details below) along with a structure and a graphic design which ensure that information is legible and is presented in accordance with Pullman’s graphic charter which features perspective lines, drawn towards the right.

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An illustration of the chain’s hotels

The background illustration is created with black lines and without any colour for a more subtle and elegant result, in line with Pullman’s graphic charter.

Emphasis is put on the group’s hotels with the use of thicker lines than those of other buildings.
This illustration is shown at the bottom of other pages to maintain a consistent graphic element with which to identify the brand.

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