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2021 A’ Design Award & competition Bronze Winner "Dreamquark"

Founded in 2014, Dreamquark is a Parisian start-up which uses artificial intelligence to help banks and insurers to make better decisions and to improve their performance.

It has developed a software platform for professionals (in sales roles) who don’t have any training in or knowledge of data science, enabling them to create entire predictive models by themselves. As a rapidly growing company, Dreamquark now wants to go further with new communication tools which better convey the benefits of its solutions.

It chose Made for you to create its new sales brochure.

After strengthening Dreamquark’s positioning strategy by carrying out market analysis and developing a brand platform, the team created an illustrated brochure to provide a better understanding of the start-up’s added value.

Dreamquark - a bit of Dreamquark - a bit of

A fun and unique illustrative style

Analysis of the market and of what drives the company’s targets and competitors showed us that Brain’s ease of use should be emphasised. Dreamquark aims to remove the barriers which hinder the use of artificial intelligence by the banking and insurance sectors and to democratise its use by building trust in this technology and facilitating its roll-out for use by non-experts.

Inspired by the existing logo, the graphic style is fun, without being too minimalist, to highlight Brain’s ease of use, along with Dreamquark’s technical expertise.

Dreamquark - a bit of Dreamquark - a bit of

A customer-centric approach

In line with the established brand positioning and the brand platform, the brochure is “customer-centric”, focusing on clients’ challenges, issues and needs and presenting Brain as the solution which makes it possible to respond to them.

It also aims to highlight Brain’s ease of use, by means of screenshots, and to emphasise the experience of Dreamquark’s teams, thereby enhancing the brand’s credibility.

Dreamquark - a bit of
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