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The Musée de l’Homme is a department of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle that showcases humankind in its anthropological, historical, and cultural diversity.
While waiting to reopen, the museum is allowing families to download games on its website to explore the themes of the exhibit « Rire, la science aux éclats », so that children can learn to recognize every emotion, understand them, and express them more easily. Very useful during these troubling times!

After making the illustrations for the game this summer, Made for you accompanies the museum in the creation of every game offered during this new exhibit, so that children (and parents!) can learn while having fun

A complete educational booklet

In order to incite children to get interested in this important theme for their future development, two nice characters invite them to discover the definitions of laughter, emotions, and happiness…
Very expressive, these characters are children, so the readers can relate and don’t feel like they’re at school.
The booklet is also full of a variety of games meant to educate without being boring: puns, riddles, gestures…
The team made all the illustrations in the booklet, which is available for download and printing through the museum’s website.


As its name indicates, « la cocotte aux éclats » (t.n: the bursting cootie-catcher) illustrates children and animals bursting with laughter and asks questions like: Are human beings the only species that laughs? Is laughter contagious? What emotion can be associated to laughter?
The tree becomes a slide that reinforces the fun part of the game.
The cootie-catcher will be published in multiple magazines dedicated to children, like Astrapi and Histoires Vraies.

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