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This reference has been awarded
2020 Indigo Award Gold Winner "Destination Paris Bercy"
2020 Indigo Award Silver Winner "Destination Paris Bercy"
2020 Indigo Award Silver Winner "Destination Paris Bercy"
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Destination Paris Bercy is made up of 12 business and leisure tourism professionals located, as its name suggests, in the Bercy neighbourhood in Paris, less than an 8-minute walk from each other.

Members combine their infrastructure and services, creating synergies to offer professionals the ultimate venue for all their business events (from 2 to 20,000 people, whether indoors or outdoors).

Made for you created a visual identity and communication tools to reflect its ambitious development strategy, to make an impact and to emphasize its added value.

Powerful symbolism

The symbol of the postage stamp is used as a guarantee of quality and to evoke the world of travel, something that Destination Paris Bercy makes possible by combining work and entertainment, all in the heart of Paris.
The edging is inspired by old French post cards.
Shades of blue, white and red clearly and instantly evoke France and the destination of Paris.

A comprehensive visual identity

In addition to the logo, Made for you ensured the consistency of the brand’s visual identity on all communication materials, including its website, blog, brochure and newsletter.
Icons were created to enhance this visual identity, illustrating and clarifying the brand’s messaging.

The importance of choosing the right photos

Photos were carefully chosen to highlight Destination Paris Bercy’s wide-ranging infrastructure and landscapes in the heart of Paris: visitors can enjoy city living and a village feel, all in the same neighbourhood.
The site’s design has been adapted for mobile (responsive design), reflecting new browsing habits, even among professionals.

An original website

The site was designed to resemble a postcard, a unique approach which emphasizes the original concept of the brand’s visual identity.
Icons create a sense of fun during the browsing experience.

Visuals illustrating the diversity of its services

The agency created colourful and eye-catching visuals, emphasizing the various possibilities offered by Paris Bercy: from a village to a city feel, from green spaces to waterside areas.

A fun way to display information

Partner logos are displayed in an original way on postal stamps, echoing the creative concept behind the visual identity.
As with the brand’s printed materials, icons are used to highlight the benefits of Destination Paris Bercy’s services in a clear, fun way.

A redesigned map with more personality

Made for you also provided a redesigned map of Paris featuring the city’s monuments in the same shades as the visual identity (blue, white and red), to highlight the location of Paris Bercy.

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