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Offering a wide range of expertise (consulting firm, communications agency, CSR experts), CJ Agency provides an integrated approach to help its clients (private organisations, public institutions, NGOs, charitable organisations and collectives) to achieve a positive impact which is both tangible and measurable. It aims to provide meaningful projects which respond to the challenges of contemporary society with visibility, proving that it is possible to reconcile growth and a positive impact by redefining the concepts of (sustainable) performance and value (both financial and non-financial).

Made for you created a visual identity and communication tools to reflect these ambitions.

After carrying out market analysis to learn more about market trends, competitors’ positioning and best practices within the sector, the agency developed a brand platform to structure the key messages to be conveyed. Made For You worked with CJ Agency to come up with a more meaningful name and to create a logo, a brochure and a website.

A meaningful name

After several stages of collaborative work to find a meaningful name and messages to convey, the name Unless Agency was chosen:
unless it’s possible to do otherwise
unless we manage to reconcile purpose & growth 
unless we can move forward together, differently

It conveys the agency’s core values: boldness and optimism. It echoes the idea that everything is possible with the right means and methods to do things properly and precisely.

An elegant logo

Featuring a line and intertwined circular shapes, the logo symbolises the agency’s 360° support and complementary expertise: combining the high standards of a consulting firm, the creativity of a communications agency and the precision of CSR experts for an integrated approach, from defining a strategy to its operational implementation.

The monogram emphasises the agency’s unique vision and approach, like a signature. The elegant typeface in capital letters structures the logo, highlighting the agency’s precision.

A coherent graphic world

In addition to the logo, visual content brings the brand to life and strengthens its impact. The outline of the brand’s monogram is used to draw other circular geometric shapes which structure texts and photos within communication materials and to create icons with which to illustrate key points.

The colours and photographs are inspired by nature, reflecting the agency’s values and ambitions. But they are also inspired by the on-trend yet timeless world of luxury and convey the agency’s unique identity and distinctive approach (particularly in terms of its high standards and focus on precision).

A very editorial brochure

Inspired by the world of publishing, the agency’s brochure goes beyond its history and expertise to highlight the agency’s unique point of view, vision, deeply held beliefs, approach and methods. 

The brochure begins with a brand manifesto, written in the style of an editorial, and a data-driven report, inspired by press style guidelines.
Simple but effective diagrams are designed to facilitate reading and maximise the impact of the messages shared.

An original website

To stand out from the traditional websites of consulting firms, the creative and colourful websites of communications agencies and the often unattractive websites of CSR experts, the web design is deliberately streamlined and elegant, emphasising the high quality of the agency’s support by taking inspiration from the world of (understated) luxury. 

This showcase website features a limited amount of content: just enough to make you want to find out more by contacting the agency.

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