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L’originel is a coffee brand made of 100 by natural origin, which does not undergo any transformation, unlike most brands. Industrial brands usually add to their coffees: Hydrogenated grease (to ensure the foam holds well) aromas, aroma enhancer.

Coffees from FINCAS (small farms) are imported in France in the Picardie region, and are all handcrafted ( torrefied / roasted by hand ). To cherish the characteristics of each terroir and to highlight their flavors, each coffee is torrefy at various degrees.

L’originel called upon MADE FOR YOU, to create their visual identity, and to truly put forward the added value of their brands, by building an emotional connection.

Firstly, the agency worked on the brand positioning strategy in to make them stand out and showcase their added value.

Knowledge oriented

L’originel can confirm their added value with their circular logo as a quality stamp, colors subtly evoking the French flag, and a typographic game evoking the degree of the torrified coffee in the O letter, and more discreetly in other letters as well.

The baseline ”The origin of coffee” underlines once again the handcraft. But also, it evokes their story:
The fonder of L’originel discovered the process of handcrafting the horrification in Eutophia, who manufactured the first real coffee: The original!

Unique and Authentic Packaging

Various degrees of intensity, bitterness, acidity and so forth are indicated thanks graduation marks to help the consumer make the right choice.
The different characteristics of each terroir is reinforced by pictograms that indicate climate or altitude.

The packaging includes a unique designs that relates to each culture, and each region.

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