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Logo Kiwee Visual identityWebsiteDigital UX/UIIllustration employs experts in debt recovery and the French healthcare system’s administrative process. The company provides a reminder service for healthcare facilities to help them to recover payments for medical bills which have not been paid by patients and insurance companies.

To create communication materials with a more professional feel and more personality, Made for you created new illustrations, a new website and advertising banners for the brand.

More professional illustrations

The illustrated figures were too childish and didn’t sufficiently convey the professional nature of the services provides for its B2B clients. They also lacked meaning and were not sufficiently related to the texts.

Made for you therefore recommended a different and more high-end focus and created illustrations which showcased the company’s core business, including icons of a stethoscope, a hand and a heart, which evoke the idea of support, and the buildings representing each type of client: public hospitals, private clinics, etc.

A varied colour palette for a dynamic visual identity

Combined with light green, which evokes the world of healthcare, muted shades of mauve, mustard yellow and blue create a dynamic visual identity for and its communication materials; these understated hues reflect the graphic styles which are commonly used to represent healthcare.

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