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Logo Huguette - Bistro de la mer LogoEditionVisual identity

Made for you worked with Lafond-Ad, an interior design company, to create the visual identity and the space design of the new marine bistro moored in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

The marine environment is being honoured with a chic graphic design, natural and offbeat signed by Made for you.

The “Huguette” logo and the fish brand sign are hand drawn to remind of the ropes used by fishermen, manoeuvring to satisfy food lovers in search of marine freshness.


Work on typography and stencils reinforce the gap between natural and Brooklyn industrial elements. This new Parisian restaurant reminds us of seaside vacation with its waiters wearing sailor suits and who always welcome you with a smile in a festive mood.


Let this charming little fishermen village refresh you with a moment of relaxation and conviviality.

With the same design than the logo, we created different customized objects such as wrapping paper or coaster but also the entire sign
system of the restaurant in order to complete the unique atmosphere of the place.

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