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Logo Foot & Match Motion design - Digital UX/UI - Visual identity - Logo

Foot and Match is a new digital media aiming to assist amateur soccer players in achieving their dreams, by giving them visibility on the web, in hopes of being spotted by recruiters. The platform allows the players to post their videos within the community. Their videos may also be directly sent to a recruiter seeking a specific profile.

The founders of this forward thinking concept approached Made for you, allowing us to create their unique identity as well as the Foot and Match website

Designin a logo

We created a logo inspired by football with the soccer ball, as well as the “dream catcher” aspect of this innovative platform. The logo was designed to represent the path towards the future.

We wanted to truly put in context how quick and easy the tool is. The link between both players and recruiters is truly efficient. The triangle relate to the « play » button from the videos. You can also find them across their website.

Motion design

The animated video was also created by Made for you. We aimed to introduce the platform and it’s values : each individual can be talented, whether they are professionals or amateurs. We can all put our dreams forward, all we need is the right place to start.

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