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Logo Agence Française de Développement (AFD) IllustrationEdition

The French Development Agency (or AFD in French) is a public institution whichimplements French development policy and works to encourage international solidarity. Climate, biodiversity, peace, education, town and city planning, health,governance: AFD’s teams are involved in more than 4,000 projects with a social and environmental impact in France’s overseas territories and 115 other countries.

Made for you produced a poster and a brochure designed to specifically highlight the AFD’s commitments to ensuring internal diversity and inclusion.

The puzzle: a powerful symbol

Inspired by the AFD’s “Diversity and Inclusion” logo, the puzzle symbol is the basis for all of the illustrations featured on the poster and in the brochure

This symbol makes it easy to understand the benefits of diversity within a team. On their own, the puzzle pieces (each in a different colour) are of no use: it’s only when they’re put together that they form a solid whole, as one.

Bespoke illustrations for a striking message

The agency produced illustrations which were inspired by the colours and graphic style of the AFD’s graphic charter and which featured the circles of the organisation’s logo.

The figures were carefully chosen to represent diversity and inclusion (a disabled person, a pregnant woman, gender equality, etc.). These figures are shown in motion (arms raised, upside down, etc.) and even seem to be dancing, emphasising the AFD’s dynamism and desirability as an

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