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AccorHotels wanted to create a strong visual identity for its 2017 Convention. In this meeting were invited hotels directors of Sofitel, Pullman and Mgallery.

The aim of this Convention was mostly to create a cohesion time but also to encourage these hotels directors to think differently about luxury.

They wished to free their team creativity so that they never take their job as granteed but always try to reinvit it...So that they always reinvent luxurious customer experience.

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Made for you took up the challenge to illustrate the following idea: "What is luxury if not to gather the un-associable", to picture it on the invitation, on the note books given to attendees, as well as in the meeting place on Convention D day in both posters and a motion design video. The agency "gave birth" to several daily objects which at first sight have no meaning, reminding various aspects of the hosting and catering industry: the paper clip for admistrative work, lemon and pie to evoke gastronomy, cutlery to remind of customer service + the Eiffel tower representation to highlight French luxury, and to finish foliage & bird to evoke ornaments & gardens.

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Made for you designed an original concept which enabled teams to change their view of their business, starting by changing their vision of daily objects. Being creative and innovative in a sector often starts with being able to look at customer needs, and by adding a little magic and emotion. Being professionals of course means to be conscientious and rigorous but also to bond with customers: a true experience beyond service.

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