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Creative director

If I was...

an object The LATEST iPhone :-)
To be up to date at all times

an animal Phoenix
Rebirth: we give brands new life

a color Red
A colour representing the passion and determination I put into my work

a book “The Day I Learned To Live” (Laurent Gounelle)
Seeing the positive side and making any project exciting

a movie Inception
Real life or a dream? Every project is a new world of creative possibilities

a place The Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)
Somewhere I can get away from it all and go diving

a quote “I never lose. I either win or learn.” (Nelson Mandela)
A quote which inspires me

a sport Figure skating
A sport which teaches perseverance and patience

a song “Opus” (Eric Prydz)
A song which puts me in a great mood when I’m with my friends!


Web developer
Technical director

If I was...

an object Drone
Being curious helps you to improve your work

an animal Dragon (even if it’s imaginary)
Imposing himself wisely is important in the workplace

a color Black
Infinite as the universe and the developer’s code pages or the trainer’s blackboard

a book “Dragonflight” - Dragonriders of Pern (Anne McCaffrey) 
Reassessing and taking risks to evolve, create or recreate

a movie Dead Poets Society 
Listening and being listened to, knowing and knowing oneself, thriving and not just surviving

a place Japan 
Alliance of tradition and modernism as for development

a quote “Lex parsimoniae” - Occam’s razor theory
The most simplest (obvious) solution is often the best

a sport Fencing
A sport which alternates between short and intense periods, just like work

a song “Make your own kind of music” (Mama Cass Elliot)
Being and remaining oneself


Brand strategist

If I was...

an object Book
Literature helped me to develop a love of words

an animal Chameleon
I adapt to my surroundings (I’ve lived in several countries)

a color Orange
The colour of creativity and dynamism

a book “Your Second Life Begins When You Understand That You Only Have One” (R. Giordano)
Makes personal development accessible to everyone

a movie La La Land
The balance between poetry, emotion and humour 

a place Restaurant
I spent my whole childhood in my family’s and I love trying new restaurants

a quote “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”
My new mantra which helps me to be fearless!

a sport Dance
Non-verbal communication is another (good) means of expression

a song “We are the world” (USA for Africa)
I’m tolerant and have a little utopian streak


Graphic designer

If I was...

an object Rubik’s Cube
Everyone can play but not everyone can win

an animal Swallow
Travelling wherever the wind takes me

a color Yellow
The colour of joy and quiet strength

a book "Le Petit Prince" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
A reminder that we’re all big children

a movie Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
Turning everyday life into a film

a place Machu Picchu
Back when chocolate was used as a currency

a quote “Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid
of the seasons” (K. Gibran)
Just like a flower, the heart must be nurtured before it can blossom

a sport Running
Going far and going fast, all whilst enjoying the scenery

a song La ritournelle (Sébastien Tellier)
Just captivating

And also
Strategic Planner
Benoit & Hugo
Community managers

For ever more relevance and reactivity.

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