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Logo HMP Digital

HMP SN is a mechanics and production multi-specialist, derived from the merger of several entities in existence since the 1980s with complementary expertise and resources. It supports professionals (parts and machines for all industries, reproduction of sculptures for art galleries, etc.) and individuals (production of gates, stairs, shelters, etc.).

After defining the group’s new visual identity and brand architecture, the agency has now created its new website.

01 hmp home metallurgie ordinateur ecran machines.jpg 02 hmp metallurgie ordinateur  desktop ecran activites machines.jpg


Each area of expertise is symbolised by a specific colour, selected together with the customer, to facilitate understanding of the different departments and the way they complement each other.

Like the brochure, the website homepage begins with a generic presentation of the group and what sets it apart, then continues with animated tabs that lead to details of each department. It ends with a process highlighting the 7 complementary departments representing the chronological stages of a complete support service to meet all customer needs.

03 hmp metallurgie picto ordinateur activites outillages soudures machines pieces maintenance pulverisation.jpg 04 hmp metallurgie trame iphone tablette chaudronnerie emboutissage pulverisation.jpg


The new visual identity highlights the group’s technological expertise, through the logo, colours and background, reminiscent of a design office layout.

This is complemented by photos showing the teams carrying out their duties, ensuring a fair balance in bringing out the quality of both machinery and human expertise.

Action photos are preferred to posed images, creating a dynamic result that indirectly highlights the group’s responsiveness. The animations used throughout the website reinforce this idea.

05 hmp mobile iphone 3d ecran machines volume.jpg