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Impulse Analytics is a result-oriented digital strategy consultancy which specialises in turning data into profit. Founded in San Francisco in 2016, the consultancy opened an office in Paris in 2018 and continues to expand in France and around the world.

Made for you was asked to improve the company’s powerpoint presentation template, both in terms of design and messaging.

Impulse Analytics - a neat presentation Impulse Analytics - a neat presentation

A redesign to highlight the company’s expertise

The company’s initial visual identity was interesting because it was modern and had a digital feel, using colours and gradation; however, it was also accessible and playful and didn’t sufficiently emphasise the company’s specialist expertise. The company’s new visual identity was being used for Impulse Analytics’ new web design, so we worked together on the presentation to ensure consistency. 

Made for you chose to enhance the idea of specialist expertise by adding the colour black, combined with existing colours (shades of purple and blue) and clear icons and diagrams which are more sophisticated and less simplistic.

Impulse Analytics - a neat presentation Impulse Analytics - a neat presentation

Structured, simplified messaging

The structure of the presentation was also improved to ensure a more logical prioritisation of messages. The company’s added value is clearly presented on the first page (“result-oriented” and “data-driven”) and then explained.

Its key strengths (multidisciplinary approach, methodology, staff profiles, collaborative focus) are highlighted in the texts and with carefully chosen photos and illustrations.

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