Logo Edition

Elengy, the 2nd largest European LNG terminal operator, is a subsidiary of ENGIE (formerly GDF Suez) and serves all operators who wish to import liquefied natural gas to supply the French and European markets.

The subsidiary called on Made for you to work on its logo, its graphic charter and several communication media.

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Colours that enhance the ongoing transition

The colours of the Elengy logo are modern, natural and bright, thanks in particular to the gradation which also symbolises the ongoing transformation.

The colours of the graphic charter as well as the gradient principle are inspired by the ENGIE logo to maintain a visual link, but they are more "peppy".

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Forward-looking typography

The rounded and dynamic typography of the logo gives a feeling of movement towards the future.
The lower case and rounded shapes reinforce the idea of modernity, accessibility and proximity.
The loops of the G and Y are lengthened to create a link between the letters, symbolising the human and the strength of the collective.
The graphic charter summarises the rules for the use of colours and typography for the logo and texts.

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A dynamic layout

The applications on the publishing media, the banner, or the safety booklet, are made more dynamic by the creation of pictograms illustrating the texts, as well as by the use of a gradient frame that surrounds, highlights and attracts the eye.

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