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2021 A’ Design Award & competition Bronze Winner "Yoonly"
2021 DNA Paris Design Awards Graphic Design Winner "Yoonly"
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As a leader in all-inclusive skiing holidays and a specialist in holiday rentals and group trips with almost 20 years’ experience, the TRAVELFACTORY group is a major player in the French tourism industry and offers year-round travel to France.
Founded in the noughties, the company now has 140 employees.

As part of its development, the group identified the opportunity to create a new brand to meet European millennials’ holiday expectations.

Made for you worked with the group to create this new brand and to establish its identity.

Yoonly - a trippy identity Yoonly - a trippy identity

A “young” name

The team had already worked on this new project’s positioning and brand platform, but Made For You provided a different perspective, helping the group to reflect further. We analysed the new expectations of the millennial generation in a wider context, both in terms of the travel sector and other industries, and the implications of these trends for communications. This analysis emphasised the need for a casual tone and style, focusing on emotions. We also analysed competitors’ communications and were inspired by best practices, although we aimed to do something different.
This preliminary work helped us to identify key ideas which inspired us during the naming process.

The name which was chosen at the end of this four-stage project contains 2 key ideas in a single name: 
1) “Young only”: a very strong focus on community by this brand, which organises trips for young people (who want similar things) and offers unforgettable shared experiences. 
2) “You only live once/YOLO”: life is short and you have to enjoy being young because you only have one life.
The “switch on life” baseline also expresses this idea well. “Switch on” ensures that the brand is associated with movement and action. The traveller is encouraged to become a proactive figure.

Yoonly - a trippy identity Yoonly - a trippy identity

A logo in motion

The logo features the letter Y with a “pin”, which evokes the idea of geolocation and is an image which is frequently used in the travel sector.
Together, this creates an on/off button which perfectly illustrates the baseline: “switch on life”.

The 2 Os in Yoonly represent the sign for infinity, emphasising the idea of memories which will last a lifetime.
The bottom of each letter flicks to the right, giving the logo a sense of movement and a texture.

The round lowercase typography is modern and inspired by the lettering used by start-ups and other current brands.
The colours are bright and cheerful to emphasise positive emotions. Duck green can evoke the sea and blue skies, while the orange colour evokes human warmth, sunshine, the earth and emotions.

Yoonly - a trippy identity Yoonly - a trippy identity

Dynamic visuals

The agency also created key visuals, combining photography and graphic design.
The chosen figures are young and are shown in motion: they’re jumping for joy, highlighting their emotionally-charged experiences.

The intertwining graphic elements accentuate this dynamism. 
These images are also used as a background on business cards, as a PowerPoint slide master and as a transparent overlay on photos. They subtly evoke the destinations of the trips organised by the company: the sea and the mountains.

Yoonly - a trippy identity Yoonly - a trippy identity
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