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Created in 2000, this family-owned corporation, is the French leading in “barter”, an innovative funding solution , which allows businesses to trade their unsold stocks for media space. MBB plays the intermediary between those companies and the media, by buying, using a specific currency called “ credit media”, their clients assets, higher than their initial value.

After defining the strategy ( brand platform, ranking strategy ) Made for you created a modern, new and improved website.

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Design a logo

The symbol complements the idea of renewal, referencing a dandelion, who’s seeds are detaching, illustrating once again the transformation from something static to something light and airy. The dandelion also represents a wish fulfilled : MBB gives the possibility to have a publicity campaign, no cash needed.

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Think digitally

Finally, the new website, made of two distinct sections, in order to highlight the advantages for both parties ( companies and media ) and facilitate the understanding of what barter truly is. 

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