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This reference has been awarded
2019 German Design Awards Excellent Communications Design "Appetisi"
2019 Indigo Award Silver winner "Appetisi"
2019 Indigo Award Bronze winner "Appetisi"
for LOGO
2020 A’ Design Award & competition Bronze Winner "Appetisi"

The Granarolo group, leading Italian group and leader in the Italian cheese industry, mainly with Casa Azzura, is launching a new brand of cut out cheeses. In 2013 he/they bought the French group CIPF codipam and their site “Les Fromagers de St Omer” a factory who specializes at processing and transforming cheese.

The group wants to highlight that unique expertise, as they meet customer’s needs, providing a quick, practical and gourmet break.

The group chose MFY to accompany them in the creation of this new brand, destined for a French and European market, from the creation of the brand’s name, to the packaging.

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Creating a brand

The agency gave life to the brand after defining a positioning strategy (market review, branding platform) aiming to communicate the marketing promise “Cheese in all its form, for a gourmet and practical break anytime, anywhere”. The brand is modern, accessible and playful and aims to desacralize cheese in France. And who better to achieve that, then a foreign group!

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Finding a name

« Appetisi » promotes a practical and gourmet product. 3 ideas, one word: Appetite, Amuse bouche and Practical.

The embodiment of the products gives it that fun aspect, and aims to clearly define the different use of each product.

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