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2023 IDA award Honorable mention "Egrego"
2023 IDA award Honorable mention "Egrego"

Enriched with 20 years of expertise in HR organization and Managerial Transformation, 3 partners have created a unique and effective method to help organizations attract, engage, and retain talents: the P.A.S. à P.A.S. method.

Presenting themselves as JFA & Associates, they solicit Made for you to help them give character to their project by providing it with a strong brand identity and an original website.

Targeting small to medium-sized organizations, they also need to differentiate themselves from the traditional image of conventional firms by using more playful graphic elements and design codes.

Egrego - an attractive brand Egrego - an attractive brand

A meaningful name

After conducting a competitive analysis and developing the brand platform, and following a collaborative process that led to the idea of "Egregore" suggested by one of the co-founders, the chosen name is "Egrego."

An "egregore" (or "eggrégore") is a concept that refers to a group mind formed by the aggregation of intentions, energies, and desires of several individuals united towards a defined purpose. In management, the team’s egregore is perceptible in the team atmosphere or group dynamics, which can be either oppressive or inspiring, stifling or invigorating. It is influenced by the state of relationships and the level of deep commitment from each individual towards the common project.

"Egrego" aims to energize and lighten the term, which was a bit heavy and less fluid (with two "R"s). The inclusion of "Go" conveys the organizations’ determination to move forward in their Managerial Transformation. The tagline "Attract, Manage, Retain" provides a complete representation of the activity and its benefits while adding rhythm through the trio.

Egrego - an attractive brand Egrego - an attractive brand

A dynamic logo

The agency creates a typographic logo by playing with rounded elements present in almost all the letters of the name.

The loops of the two G’s are detached and can also represent a smile, evoking a positive work atmosphere resulting from the application of the method. The slightly tilted loops of the two E’s and two G’s give a sense of movement.

The colors chosen are fresh and dynamic: blue symbolizes the team’s professionalism, the smoothness and fluidity of the approach, and serenity, while orange represents boldness and action.

Egrego - an attractive brand Egrego - an attractive brand

Unique communication tools

Rounded shapes derived from the logo are used throughout the web design and PowerPoint presentation to structure different sections, insert photos, and create pictograms and diagrams. Adding colors to the two main colors brings vibrancy to the website and attracts attention to the right places.

In line with the logo, the chosen typographies are modern, simple, and effective in conveying the idea of a fluid approach. Playful yet refined illustrations are used to visually represent the texts and add rhythm to the website. The "go" element from the logo is also utilized as a basis for pictograms, adding a unique style.

The texts are intentionally concise, unlike the initial content introducing the P.A.S. à P.A.S. method, which was convincing but dense. They are customer-oriented and highlight the benefits that address the targets’ challenges right from the beginning of the materials.

Egrego - an attractive brand Egrego - an attractive brand
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