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2023 Indigo award Gold winner "Widely"
for 3D

As a mobile marketing company, Mobsuccess (110 employees) launched Widely to engage with retailers and revolutionise local marketing through mobile use for more effective, measured and co-ordinated campaigns. Today, Widely supports 700 points of sale with 1,000 local campaigns and boasts 30 billion advertising impressions since it was founded.

After working on its brand platform, the company’s management needed a unique visual identity to differentiate Widely within a competitive market.

Made for you created original 3D images for its communication materials and website.

Widely - some creations in relief Widely - some creations in relief

3D visuals to stand out

To showcase the company’s unique identity and to help it to stand out in a very competitive market, the agency created 3D visuals for Widely’s communication materials and website (in contrast to its competitors, which often use the same style of photos from image banks).

Every detail counts in these visuals which illustrate the thought processes behind each activity:
- Media planner: marketing objectives, analytics, planning, from global to local, decisions, expertise
- Activate: revenues, growth, algorithms, drivers, targets, technology
- Metrics: performance, checks, data, cost-effectiveness, adjustment, flexibility, speed
- Studio: creativity, automation, industry, less effort, time savings
- Competitive intelligence: impact, optimisation, analysis, knowledge, brainstorming, compatibility

Widely - some creations in relief Widely - some creations in relief

Illustrations in which every detail counts

Chaque petit "monde" est composé de pictogrammes ou mini illustrations 3D qui peuvent être réutilisés seuls.
Les couleurs sont cohérentes avec la charte graphique de la marque, mais également en adéquation avec les tendances digitales actuelles tout en étant originales pour ce secteur d’activité.

Les reflets de la 3D donnent du relief aux illustrations...et à la marque !

Each small “world” is made up of icons or mini 3D illustrations which can be used on their own. The colours are consistent with the brand’s visual style guide; although they reflect current digital trends, they also offer real originality within the industry.

The 3D effects help the illustrations – and the brand – to stand out.

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