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Founded in 2011 by Luis Valoy, who has more than 20 years’ experience in industrial performance, Valoy Conseil is a family-run consulting firm which helps industries to improve their profitability and competitiveness to achieve sustainable operational excellence. Valoy Conseil’s management wanted to improve the company website and further emphasise its vision.

Made for you created a new and more meaningful visual identity and website.

After working together to define the brand platform to structure the key messages to be conveyed, the agency worked with the company’s management to create a logo and a website which would reflect its unique vision of industrial performance.

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An evocative logo

The new logo combines 3 meaningful symbols: The V is a “tick” and an upward curve which evokes success and value creation. It is shown within a cogwheel, symbolising the world of industry, and 3 dots which suggest on-going progress (particularly given their increasing size).

The sharp typeface is modern, dynamic and solid. The combination of blue, which reassures and inspires confidence, and a red/purple gradient gives this logo a dynamic and contemporary feel: these colours reflect the world of digital technology. 

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New and fitting messaging

Conscious of the importance of human capital and its major role in industries’ success, Valoy Conseil also provides bespoke professional coaching to unleash employees’ full potential, improve efficiency and develop their skills.

This combination of consulting and coaching is now displayed at the top of the website, clearly highlighting this added value. The team believes that “people must be at the heart of performance”; this idea needed to be better conveyed through the website’s design and messaging

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A bespoke website

The photographic style which was chosen for the company’s photo shoot reflects Valoy Conseil’s emphasis on human support in what can sometimes be a rather cold industrial world; the company’s teams are positioned as partners and not just as providers and consultants offering their expertise. The website emphasises this collaborative approach.

As for the graphic design, the solid colours make the site more dynamic. The concept of gears is used here: while it represents the world of industry, it also conveys the logical sequence of the steps in the diagram and evokes the idea of a well-oiled machine. Featuring the letters which make up Valoy Conseil, a discreet background creates a new “language” which gives the website a sense of personality. 

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