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OpenHouse Coliving is a coliving company that purchases, renovates, and transforms XXL properties into coliving houses capable of accommodating nearly a dozen tenants. It offers a shared housing model where tenants rent private rooms with private bathrooms in a common house, with shared outdoor spaces and services included in the rent.

It has also implemented an eco-responsible approach at the heart of its concept, to invent the future of housing.

The founder is calling on Made for you to modernize his image and create a current and professional website, to convince his future tenants as well as his future investors.

Openhouse - A website to share Openhouse - A website to share

A logo rich in meaning

To better enhance the values of OpenHouse Coliving, the agency improves the existing logo. The brand sign now represents the roofs of two houses that form a heart. An ajar door is also integrated, like a reflection, subtly evoking welcome. 

The typography is both modern, professional, and warm thanks to the lowercase letters and the curves present in the serifs. These curves also indirectly symbolize nature, adopting the shape of leaves. The shape of the roof at the top of the H, in "negative space", is a subtle reminder of the brand sign.

Openhouse - A website to share Openhouse - A website to share

A sober and professional visual identity

The visual identity is deliberately sober, with space, white, and few graphic elements, to enhance the simplicity and professionalism of the concept. The door from the brand sign is nevertheless used as a background pattern to bring personality to the graphic territory.

The chosen colors are natural (to enhance the eco-responsible aspect) and soothing: the combination of teal and green indeed illustrates the serenity offered by this all-in-one solution that makes life easier. The ocher color brings a premium and dynamic dimension to the visual identity.

Openhouse - A website to share Openhouse - A website to share

A current and warm web design

The visual identity is fully expressed on the site where graphic elements are used in a balanced way. In addition to the graphic pattern (doors), the pictograms also bring modernity and uniqueness to the web design.

The photos are harmonious (unity in terms of style and colors), human, and warm (smiling people exchanging), to help Internet users project themselves into the unparalleled sharing experience offered by coliving. The stationery items are also created to complete the site and convince potential investors.

Openhouse - A website to share Openhouse - A website to share
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