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The French Development Agency (AFD) is a public institution which implements French development policy and works to encourage international solidarity. The AFD’s teams are involved in more than 4,000 projects with a major social and environmental impact in the French Overseas Communities and 115 other countries.

Having worked with Made For You for several years, the AFD asked the agency to create illustrations for several internal newsletters.

These newsletters are about reforms of staff regulations which provide a framework for the company’s HR policies.

Many of these regulations’ provisions had become obsolete as a result of changes to French employment law.

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Bespoke illustrations

Keen to create bespoke creations which are tailored to our clients’ different objectives and brand images, we often work with talented illustrators with varied styles.

For this project, the team chose the illustrator Gilles Rapaport; he has significant experience in creating journalistic and humorous artwork for companies.
We particularly admire his subtle ideas, which, as he puts it, “help us to see things from a different angle, to take a step back and to think differently”.

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Fun illustrations

The team worked with Gilles on artwork to illustrate each theme: the employment contract, sick leave, family events, resignation, retirement, redundancy, etc.

These cheerful and subtle illustrations make this legal subject more accessible and even create a sense of fun, giving the AFD a less corporate image and improving its employer brand.

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