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After working for international groups for 20 years, Arnaud Moretti decided to found his own company, specialising in transition management, inspired by his own vision and values. Keen to instigate tangible change and to develop close working relationships with other people, he made the switch from finance to consulting, driven by his passion for customer service and satisfaction (indeed, he previously worked in the restaurant and tourism industries!).

Made for you helped the company’s director to create a new visual identity and a unique website.

After working together to define the brand platform to structure the key messages to be conveyed, Made For You worked with Arnaud to create -a logo and a website to reflect his unique vision of his profession.

Moretti - creations right on target Moretti - creations right on target

A simple, effective logo

After presenting several ideas, we immediately agreed on a logo with a simple but effective concept: the “O” of “Moretti” contains a “+” symbol which evokes the ideas of creating value and improving clients’ circumstances, along with a target which conveys the idea of clients quickly being able to find the right experts to achieve their objectives.

“Transition” is merged with “Moretti” on the right-hand side to evoke the idea of speed and moving forward into the future.
This merging of the two words is a symbolic illustration of how the company supports its clients.
The colours are both traditional, reassuring (blue) and modern and innovative (purple).

Moretti - creations right on target Moretti - creations right on target

A powerful creative concept

The slogan “Ensemble, visons juste” (“Together, let’s aim high”) is illustrated with a target which evokes targeted objectives and the strategy which is needed to achieve them. The target also illustrates the increasing complexity of identifying and sustaining a trajectory in an uncertain and changing world.

Arnaud helps companies to adapt to changes in their industry and disruption in their daily lives by quickly finding them the very best executive management profiles.

Moretti - creations right on target Moretti - creations right on target

A bespoke website

The “O” and the “+” of the logo are used repeatedly in the brand’s graphic identity for more impact and to customise the website. They are used for the “call to action” buttons and a rounded shape is used to showcase photos and the diagram which shows the different stages of the support provided by Moretti Transition.

A photo shoot helped to give the site even more personality, emphasising the people-oriented nature of Moretti Transition and expanding on the creative concept of the target. The lines of the “+” symbol also bring minimalist arrow-shaped icons to life, reminiscent of darts hitting a target. 

A website which is just as serious, contemporary and dynamic as the company behind it!

Moretti - creations right on target Moretti - creations right on target
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