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This month, the agency has the opportunity to have an ad in the special issue "100 Design", from the magazine "Statégies", A magazine by professionals for professionals, uptading the latest trends in terms of design and the various agencies that can accompany them.

How could we stand out from all the big agencies, that are commenly represented?

The agency decided to imagine an original concept using an everyday tool used by companies as well as illustrations referring to the world of design.

Magazine Stratégies - Made for you launches in full page Magazine Stratégies - Made for you launches in full page

Design an ad

Made for you aims to to always be pragmatic and creative at the same time, in order to stand out, showing an unique point of view. The open book (can also refer to a white canvas) becomes the reactors for the rocket, hereby illustrating n the uniqueness of everyone’s journey. And through thoughtful design, you can truly create your true identity. By putting design forward and the heart of the firm’s strategy Made for you gives the opportunity to truly boost the competition on the long hall/run. 

It’s in fact the aim of « Diagnostic Design » a grant funding by BpiFrance that MFY is certified to suggest to its clients. Are you looking to expend your activity and attract new clients? Get in touch with us today, and tell us your story!

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