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A specialist for over 100 years in the machining and assembly of components from one-offs to medium production runs, Le Pratique was acquired in 2022 by our customer, the MIC Group, to expand its range of skills. It thus joined forces with ATAB, the group’s subsidiary specialized in fine precision sheet metal work, for which we had designed the logo and website.

The group’s management has once again entrusted Made for you with the task of devising a coherent way of integrating it into the group in terms of name, visual identity and website.

ATMI - A precision brand ATMI - A precision brand

A name in line with ATAB

After working collaboratively on the architecture of the group’s brands, we jointly decided to create a name close to ATAB. Initially, we brainstormed around ARTIFEX (Latin for artisan/made with art) and ASTUS (Asemblage et Usinage en Sarthe), among others, before finally choosing ATMI, as the other ideas were not available.

Despite the fact that it’s an acronym, and as communicators we’re not usually fond of them, ATMI makes sense (Atelier de la Milesse), is easy to pronounce and remember, and is close enough to ATAB to create the coherence we were looking for.

ATMI - A precision brand ATMI - A precision brand

A logo for absolute precision

To create ATMI’s logo, the team draws inspiration from MIC Group’s and ATAB’s logos to establish the desired coherence, enhancing expertise and a company at the forefront of technicality.
The logo is inspired by the shape of a diamond combined with a gear and a steel appearance, reminiscent of the group’s professions. Its core contains two hands clasped resembling a wrench, symbolizing humanity in the pursuit of performance.

ATMI - A precision brand ATMI - A precision brand

A human and technical website

The agency is also developing the new ATMI website based on the one previously created for ATAB a few years ago. The Pratique website appeared visually outdated and lacked updates. There was a desire to harmonize the MIC Group’s websites. The team, therefore, used the structure and design of the ATAB site, adapting the texts, colors, and visuals while conducting a photo shoot. The design of the ATMI website revolves around shades of purple on a black background to highlight a state-of-the-art machinery and innovation, setting it apart from market standards.

ATMI - A precision brand ATMI - A precision brand
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