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Start Booster

to get your idea and business off the ground

You’ve got an idea which has the potential to revolutionise a market, consumer trends or even the world!
You have the desire to create your own business in a field that motivates you and that you are passionate about!
You already have a business and want to give it a communication lifting!

This is a great start if...

It’s no surprise that an estimated 90% of start-ups fail.
And 50%. This is the average percentage of businesses that close before the end of their fifth year of existence.

Made for you has not been and wants to put all the chances on your side with its Start Booster offer.

Through a simple, clear and complete package, you need to have a clear idea about your targets’ expectations and your strengths in comparison to your competitors so that you can highlight your added value in your communications and dedicated tools.

Our offer
in detail

Our Start Booster offer contains everything you need to succeed
for an optimized package at the unique and fixed price of
10000 € HT all included !

Build your brand platform

Outline your strengths, your identity and what makes you different to improve your external communications and to create an inspiring vision and mission for your company’s employees.
 your brand platform  

Develop your messaging

Make an emotional connection with your targets and engage with them, focusing on a few key messages with the right tone.
 your messaging  

Create your logo

Visually convey your personality and what makes you different, using symbols, colours and typography to create an evocative and meaningful logo.
 your logo  

Develop a 4-page showcase website

Create your digital “business card” in WordPress to present and showcase your concept with powerful texts and a web design which reflects your brand (texts included).
 a 4-page showcase website  

Produce an 8-page digital brochure

Present your idea clearly in a comprehensive document which you can email to your prospects and partners to inform and convince them (texts included).
 an 8-page digital brochure  

Design your business card

Nous vivons dans un monde digitalisé mais les échanges physiques sont plus que jamais indispensables également. Ne perdez pas l’occasion de faire bonne impression dès le 1er échange !
 your business card  
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