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Created in 2000, this family-owned corporation, is the French leading in “barter”, an innovative funding solution, which allows businesses to trade their unsold stocks for media space. MBB plays the intermediary between those companies and the media, by buying, using a specific currency called “credit media”, their client’s assets, higher than their initial value. Made for you had already worked on the renewal of the visual identity of the brand as well as their website, in order to facilitate the understanding of what barter is. Made for you will now put the focus on a brand-new barter solution made for the mass market sold in GMS. This will facilitate once again the better understanding of what this new solution is to their current and potential new clients.

The agency created a new web page dedicated to this special offer. Using the same graphic identity as the previous year, as well as seeking to innovate and refresh :

Pictograms illustration the importance of the digital aspect in GMS ( decided and led by a study beforehand).

> A big illustration of the supermarket in 3D, giving the opportunity to the PGC workers to understand and quickly see where they could unload.

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