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Enedis operates the distribution network in mainland France. It is responsible for guaranteeing access to the electricity network for customers of all electricity suppliers. As an industrial concession operator, it is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the network and for public service missions. Enedis regularly renovates its "source substations" to secure and modernize them, and improve their performance and resilience.

It called on Made for you to create a fresco on a tarpaulin hiding the work on the Le Pecq source substation, while taking advantage of the opportunity to promote its role and the benefits of the work to local residents.

Enedis - a fresco on display Enedis - a fresco on display

An accessible project presentation

After extensive discussions with the team in charge of the project, the team is working on two main areas:
- The message, explaining the project and Enedis’ role in a simple, clear but accurate way (choice of fairly technical terms, but need to make these explanations accessible to all).
- Illustrations to make passers-by want to stop and read and quickly understand the content.
The illustrations are playful, but in keeping with Enedis’ graphic charter.

The friendly, smiling characters illustrate both local residents and an Enedis technician. The pictograms are cheerful and dynamic, and the "colored thread" acts as a connecting link between the different parts of the fresco, inviting the reader to read on.

Enedis - a fresco on display Enedis - a fresco on display
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